CBSE Affiliation

CBSE Norms Of Affiliations

CBSE, New Delhi issued acircular regarding adherence to norms of affiliation.

The following conditions laid down in theAffiliation Bye-laws  -


(a) Rule 3.3(V) �The schoolin India must pay salaries and admissible allowances to the staff not less thanthe corresponding categories of employees in the State Government schools or asper scales etc. prescribed by the Government of India.� Further, the serviceconditions as per Rule 10 and Rules 24 to 49 of Affiliation Bye-Laws also be adhered to.


� Rule 11.1 �Fees chargesshould be commensurate with the facilities provided by the institution. Feesshould normally be charged under the heads prescribed by the Department ofEducation of the State/U.T. for schools of different categories. No capitationfee or voluntary donations for gaining admission in the school or for any otherpurpose should be charged / collected in the name of the school. In case ofsuch malpractices, the Board may take drastic action leading to disaffiliationof the school.�

� Rule 11.2 �In case astudent leaves the school for such compulsion as transfer of parents or forhealth reason or in case of death of the student before completion of thesession, prorata return of quarterly/term/annual feesshould be made.

� Rule 11.3 �The unaidedschools should consult parents through parentsrepresentatives before revising the fees. The fee should not be revised duringthe mid session.�


(a) Rule 12 �Admission in theschool affiliated to the CBSE shall be made without any distinction ofreligion, race, caste, creed, place of birth or any of them. As regardsreservation for SC/ST students is concerned, it shall be governed by theEducation Act/Rules applicable to the State/U.T. where the school is situated.�

(b) It is noted that someschools are giving preference to outside students for admission in Class XI onthe basis of higher marks which should be avoided to prevent unhealthycompetition. First reference for Class XI admission shall be given to ownstudents on the basis of common admission criteria evolved by the school.


The school Management shallprovide the right ambience and climate to the students to develop and enrichtalents to facilitate total development of personality. To develop a creativehuman being in a fearless environment schools should encourage teachers toadopt alternative strategies to corporal punishment. Rule 44.1 empowers theschool Managing Committee to take action against an employee if he is chargedwith cruelty towards any students or any employee of the school.


� Rule 8.2 �Every institutionwill provide proper facilities like ramps toilets for wheel chair users andauditory signals in elevators in lifts in accordance with the provisions laiddown in PWD Act, 1995 and in conformity with National Policy of Education.�

� Rule 13.11 �Every schoolshall promote inclusion of student with disabilities/special needs in thenormal school as per provisions of the �Persons with Disabilities Act 1995 andin conformity with National Policy of Education.�


(a) To prevent sexualharassment of women at work place, Rule 10.9 of Affiliation Bye-Laws prescribesthat �check gender specific violence, strictly comply with the guidelines andnorms prescribed by the Honble Supreme Court ofIndia in the writ petition (Criminal) No. 666-70 of 1992 Vishakaand others V/s State of Rajasthan and others delivered on 13-8-1997 forprotection of women from sexual harassment at the work place.� Detailedcircular dated 16.2.2004 issued by the Board is available on


(a) Rule 3.3(VII) �Everyinstitution will provide adequate facilities for potable drinking water andclean healthy and hygienic toilets with washing facilities for boys and girlsseparately in proportion to the number of students.�

(b) Rule 8.5 �The schoolshould scrupulously observe prescription from the Municipal Authority regardingdrinking water and fire safety precaution in the school. A certification fromthe Municipal/Fire Authorities regarding sanitary conditions and water/firesafety should be submitted along with the application. A fresh certificateregarding fulfillment of these requirements should be obtained and submitted tothe Board every five years.�

(c) Rule 23.11 �Makesatisfactory arrangements for the supply of good drinking water and provideother facilities for the pupils and ensure that the school building, itsfixtures and furniture, office equipment, lavatories, play grounds, schoolgarden and other properties are properly and carefully maintained.�


Running of classes ofcoaching institutions in the school premises in the pretext of providingcoaching to the students for various entrance examinations is not approved bythe Board.

The premises of CBSE schoolsshould not be used for any commercial activity. Every school should ensuredevotion of minimum periods for teaching various subjects as per the syllabiand course prescribed by the Board. No coaching classes or parallel classesshould be run in the school that consumes and affects the regular time table ofthe school or that deviates the focus of students from regular  course of study.

The Heads of Schools areadvised to take note of the above and also bring it to the knowledge of schoolManaging Committee. Any violation of the guidelines of the Board would attractaction against the erring schools.