Annual Report



ANNUAL REPORT-08.05.2018

Revered Chief Guest  Sudhindra Itnal, Brig.  Controller CQA (T&C) and Chairman KVRV,Esteemed Mrs.Anjali Itnal, Guest of honour Respected VMC members, galaxy of distinguished guests, worthy parents ladies and gentlemen.

I extend a cordial and warm welcome to you all.

              Now, I take this opportunity to present before you a brief report of our achievements during the period under review.

            I had the honour of joining this Vidyalaya on 3rd Sept, 2012. Since then me along with my worthy staff members have been striving  hard to ensure to keep the Vidyalaya’s flag right on top.

                     KVS is a unique and vibrant organization that strives for excellence in all the domain of education may it be cognitive, affective and psychomotor. It provides the necessary ambience for freedom to think, freedom to act and freedom to experiment. It maintains a judicious balance between academics and education, creativity and conformity, tradition and modernity and unity and diversity.

          KVS has witnessed 50 glorious years of success and is growing at a steady pace and is accessible and affordable to diverse sections of society.

             Our focus this year will be on increasing our level of responsibility and accountability – this is both for our students and teachers. The performance you will soon see is based on this thought as well.

           Our effort will be to develop intrinsic motivation among students, move to more and more students led activities by which we can promote internal locus of control without needing constant push and pull from adults.  Being responsible in their words, actions and the work they do.

Sow an act, and you reap a habit

Sow a habit and you reap a character

Sow a character and you reap a destiny

Attitude and habits are formed very early in one’s life. What children learn in their impressionable childhood years stays with them  Throughout their lives. And, children as we all know constitute the future of a Nation          

                  Malala Yusufjai, the Nobel Laureate from Pakistan  said last year at the United Nations, "One child, one teacher, one pen and one book can change the world."

Noble Laureate Kailash Satyarthi from India  said

quote“All the great religions tell us to care for children. Jesus said: "Let the children come to me; do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to them." The Holy Quran says: "Kill not your children because of poverty."
         The laureate further said---

I refuse to accept



           That all the temples and mosques and churches and prayer houses have no place for the dreams of our children.
I refuse to accept

        That the world is so poor, when just one week of global spending on armies is enough to bring all of our children into classrooms.
I refuse to accept

      That all the laws and constitutions, and the judges and the police are not able to protect our children.
                    I refuse to accept

       That the shackles of slavery can ever be stronger than the quest for freedom.

           I am fortunate enough to have an experienced and committed team and we intend to build on this strong foundation. It will be possible only if we take a resolution in the New Year to rededicate ourselves to the realization of vision, mission and objectives of KVS with unflagging zeal and courage.   

                      ACADEMICS:- Excellence in academics is the hallmark of any good institution. Effort in preparing and class X has been intensive and we await the results eagerly. We are positive that the students will make us proud.

             Kenndriya Vidyalayas impart quality education with this motto the Vidyalaya is marching  ahead to achieve quality education. The performance of the Board examination has always been the best.

                In the year 2016 we have produced 100% quality result and we stood at number among all the KVs of Lucknow. Out of 41 students 13 got CGPA—10, 10 students were placed in second category from CGPA 9.9 to 9.00, another 07 students were in the group of CGPA 8.9 to 8.0, 07 got CGPA 7.9 to 7 and rest 04 got CGPA more than 06.


               I am looking forward to produce the best possible result of class X and other classes as well in the years to follow.  For this purposes a comprehensive road map has been given to all the faculty members and they are constantly guided by me to excel their performance in the larger interest of the students of this KV.   

Co-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Beside acadamics cocurricular activities are organized in the Vidyalaya for the all round development of the children. We are also celebrating Important days like Independence Day, Republic Day, Childrens’ Day, Teachers Day, Women Empowerment Day, World population Day, National Aids Day, Communal Harmony week,

           Sadbhavana Divas etc.On each Saturday competitions are organized under CCA programme.

             STUDENT AND STAFF STRENGTH:- The Vidyalaya has 473 students with 19 teaching and 04 non teaching staff.





            COMPUTER EDUCATION:- The Vidyalaya having a small computer lab having 44 computers through which computer awareness programme is continued under the guidance of trained computer instructor.Thge Vidyalaya has internet connection through wimax net work. One class room is also having interactive board through technology is extensively used in teaching and learning process. Beside it the children of Primary section are also having a very effective and popular programme called CMP under which value based film shows are also organized LCD and television.

            WORK EDUCATION, ART EDUCATION:-  The Vidyalaya is having an experienced Work Education Teacher and a Art Education Teacher. The chief aim of this education is to make the students to achieve a gateway of be self sufficient and independent and to make them creative in their daily life. In art Education our children have participated in Various competitions at National and regional level.

                              SCOUT AND GUIDE WING:-  The Vidyalaya is having a unit of 60  scouts, 40  guides,18 bulbuls and 18 cubs.This movement is organized in the KVs to inculcate the feeling of brotherhood and always get ready to help the needy.Two days camp of Dwitiya Sopan was organized in the Vidyalaya. 05 students have qualified in tritiya sopan testing camp.

          LIBRARY SERVICE:- The Vidyalaya is having a small library with an experienced librarian. The no. of books in library is 2364. four news papers and different magazines are provided to the children during their library period.

       The library is fully automated and books are issued to the students with barcode system. Library provides online information with internet and it has its own “Blog”  by virtue of which students can get the information from their homes as well.Internet facility is also available in the Library.

GAMES & SPORTS:-  A healthy body is required for a healthy mind. Keeping this idea in mind the KVS is providing best possible opportunity to the students in the field of Games & Sports.


            Our students have participated in Games and sports at Regional Level and also at National level competitions. 13 girl  students of Kabbadi (Girls) participated at KV RDSO Lucknow out of which Ayushi Gupta & Rishu were selected for National sports meet of KVS held at KVS Ahembad region. Jiteshu of class X won bronze medal in 800 mtr run at KVS regional meet. Our school doesn’t have proper sports field as a result of which we are not able to deliver the maximum from the students.

 SCIENCE AND SOCIAL SCIENCE EXHIBITIONS:-  The KVS is regularly organizing science  exhibitions completions to inculcate the scientific temper and logical creativity. Our children have also participated in regional level science exhibition.

            The social science exhibition is organized by KVS to have the feeling of communal harmony , cultural exchange among different states of India and international understanding. At regional level Social science exhibition 14 exhibits were selected for Regional social exhibition and we got 3rd position in group dance. Yash Dixit of class X has been selected for National level  Science Congress which will held in KV IIT Mumbai. Our children also participated in Green Olympiad and junior science Olympiad for science and maths separately.


                   CLEANLINESS DRIVE:- Under the programme of Swachha Vidyalaya Abhiyan we are trying our level best to ignite the young minds towards this aspect to accomplish the mission of Govt. Of India for “Swachh Bahrat”

      NAEP- The ministry of HRD has started a unique programme of NAEP through which Adolescent children are given extensive counseling to counter the problems related to adolescents. Two teachers and 04 children have been given training by KVS to continue AEP in the Vidyalaya effectively.    

                           It is quite evident to all of you that we are working with many constraints because of improper infrastructure and temporary building of KV Raksha Vihar. I on behalf of children and faculty members request all concern to ensure that KV Raksha Vihar should have a better infrastructure at the earliest which suits to the standard of KVS. It will be a great endeavor in the sole interest of the children of this Vidyalaya.            

                 Last but not the least, the staff and students of the school deserve a special mention for their consistent diligence, sincerity and devotion with which they continue to persevere

         Zealously in achieving excellence in all aspects of learning at school.

            Before concluding, I’d like to emphasize yet again that it is only through collaborative effort that we can hope to create an educated dynamic modern India – where all men and women enjoy equal rights and opportunities. Let the vision encapsulated in these memorable words of the poet laureate, Rabindra Nath Tagore, become the mission and reality of our lives.

“Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high

Where knowledge is free

Where the world has not been broken up into fragments

By narrow domestic walls

Where words come out from the depth of truth

Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection.


                                         JAI HIND